Favorite Books from June, 2022

My reading started out slow in June as I was on a two week trip to England with very little time to read, at least while we were in London. Once we made it to our rental in the countryside, I was able to read a bit more in the lovely English summer weather. My pace picked up this past week, helping me stay on track for the year.

If you read this week’s blog post, you know about my favorite books of the quarter, including these below. But only you, as a newsletter subscriber, get the historical site pairings with the books!

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All the Lights Above Us by M.B. Henry

This book follows five women during the most pivotal day of World War II – D-Day. I love all of the different perspectives and how the author includes little details previously unknown to me.

Destination from Book:

Normandy, France

The highlight of my 2018 trip through Northern Europe was spending the day on the beaches of Normandy. From the haunting American Cemetery to the expansive Omaha Beach, this region is a must-see for every American.  

For Those Who Are Lost by Julia Bryan Thomas

The beautiful story of two children who are placed on the refugee boats leaving Guernsey with a woman fleeing her abusive marriage is a touching story of love, betrayal, hope, and forgiveness. It is a lovely and carefully crafted debut novel. 

Destination from Book:

German Occupation Museum, Guernsey, United Kingdom

I’d love to visit this museum with its recreated streets and exhibits on what life was like on the Channel Islands during the Nazi occupation. 

Our Last Days in Barcelona by Chanel Cleeton

I read this after my post so you’ll get a sneak peek of my feelings about it! This dual-timeline book follows the oldest Perez sister, Isabel, as she looks for her sister, Beatriz, in 1960s Barcelona and also tells their mother’s story in 1930s Barcelona, which was on the cusp of the Spanish Civil War. Cleeton’s books always teach me more about historical events I don’t know much about – the Spanish/American War, the Cuban Revolution – and this one delves into the issues of the civil war and how it affected the civilians in Spain. It even includes a detailed scene of the devastation in Guernica that we all know about from Picasso’s masterpiece. It is a wonderful book!

Destination from Book:

Barcelona History Museum, Barcelona, Spain

This museum about Barcelona’s history is the best place to learn about this area and how it was affected by the war and Franco’s rule. It has several locations, including one where you can go in the tunnels and bomb shelters built for the war. Spain is also currently building a museum dedicated to telling the story of the civil war so be on the lookout for that as well! 

What was your favorite book read in June? 

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