Hi!  Thank you for your interest in my site.  My name is Jayda and I am The History Mom.  I want to get our kids excited about history and to foster a love of what has happened in the past with the next generation.  All it takes is one story, one event, that sparks a child’s interest in history and makes them want to learn more. I firmly remember when the love of history was sparked in me – by my 10th grade world history teacher who told such amazing stories that it seemed hard to believe that it really happened!  From then on, I was hooked.

One of the best ways to foster a love of history in children is travel.  Standing in the very spot where an event took place or visiting the home of a famous person in history can often ignite that spark in our children.  

I hope you enjoy this site and that it helps you plan a wonderful trip with your child to explore our history’s legacy throughout the world!  

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