2021 Holiday Gift Guide

Last year, I put together an extensive holiday gift guide (check it out here – most links still work but coupons/discounts may not). I’ve got a few additions for this year’s list to help you with gift-giving for the history buff in your life.

Note that all items in the gift guide are items I have purchased or plan to purchase with my own money. Nothing is sponsored although I do note affiliate links where I earn a small commission should you choose to purchase.

For Adults

The Wordy Traveler

One of my favorite gift subscriptions, this box of books and other goodies comes to your gift recipient’s door each season with a focus on a particular country. I’ve purchased the Ireland and New England boxes and loved the charming items included. By purchasing a box, you’re also supporting the company’s charitable efforts – every box received provides life-saving nutrition for two children and/or pregnant women. 

Just Go Travel Studios Custom National Park Poster

I first heard about this on one of my favorite podcasts, Sorta Awesome, and knew I had to order for my husband. We love going to National Parks so I uploaded several of our own pictures and the site put them into retro-style NPS posters. I was really pleased with the results, and it’s perfect if your family had a recent trip to a picturesque location! Right now, you can get 3 posters for the cost of 2!

Gretchen Rubin Happiness Project Memento Keepsake Journal 

Most history enthusiasts are nostalgic, and we like to find ways to remember our own personal history. One of the best ways to do this is to keep mementos of your life from report cards to concert tickets. The problem is keeping track of them and having a way to organize all of the clutter. Happiness guru Gretchen Rubin has come out with a customizable journal that does just this. It’s an especially good gift for someone going through a life transition – new baby, new school, new move. 

Away suitcases

I fell for the hype of these bags several years ago, and I will never buy another suitcase! It is truly the perfect travel companion. We purchased one for each member of our family so we’re all responsible for our own suitcase. We got the bigger carry-on in different colors so we can spot ours. If you’re planning a trip in 2022, this is a must-buy!

Dream of Italy Magazine

One of our favorite PBS travel shows is Kathy McCabe’s Dream of Italy. She has a magazine and new book that would be perfect for the Italian dreamer in your life. And bonus – a gift subscription also comes with a beautiful Christmas watercolor print of the Florence duomo. Don’t tell my husband this will be under the tree for him! If you’re planning a 2022 trip to Italy, this would make a great gift!

Florence Duomo

Ancestry.com or Fold3 gift subscription

Delve into your own family history through a gift subscription to these two sites who help you research your ancestors. Perfect for those interested in their genealogy! What’s a better gift to a history buff than a way to explore their personal history?

For Teens

Uncommon Goods’ Newspapers from Your Birthday Book

Every history buff loves to learn about what was happening on certain dates in history. And of course, their actual birth date is the most important day! One of my favorite go-to websites for unique gifts is Uncommon Goods, and it has a fun way to commemorate a teen’s interest in history by showing them what was in the news on the day they were born. They’re probably studying some of the events in their history classes!

Fun history socks

I found a couple of cute history socks that your teen may think is funny! I bought the Hamilton socks for my tween last year! (Affiliate link embedded in picture)

History daily calendar 

Great for a stocking stuffer! Teens who like history will be interested in this calendar of what important event happened in history on every day of the year! (Affiliate link embedded in picture)

History games

We have enjoyed board games that combine history with strategy. We’ve played Ticket to Ride Europe (look on YouTube to help with instructions) and History of the World just might be under our tree this year! (Affiliate link embedded in picture)

For Kids

Museum Gift Sets

Many history museums put together fun boxes for kids. Check out this social studies box from one of my favorite museums in Washington, DC – President Lincoln’s Cottage. Ask your favorite museum if they have a similar box for your child! Or if you’re planning to visit a museum in 2022, see if they have a box that can get your child excited about the trip!

One of the boxes from President Lincoln’s Cottage

Funko Pop figurines

Kids enjoy displaying the things they love in their rooms. For your little history buff, find a Funko Pop figurine from history like this George Washington one or the Schuyler sisters from Broadway’s Hamilton. (Affiliate link embedded in picture)

Virtual Reality Travel sets

While you may not be traveling right now, you can take your child around the world virtually! Kids love any VR experience and this looks really fun! (Affiliate link embedded in picture)

Travel Journal

If you are planning a big trip in 2022, it’s fun to get your kids a travel journal to keep on the trip. This is one we’ve loved! (Affiliate link embedded in picture)

For Everyone

A Fine Quotation 

This is one of my favorite shops on Etsy, and she does beautiful work using classic book characters. My favorite items are the Anne of Green Gables-themed mugs and bookmarks. I treasure my Anne and Gilbert mug and ornament! Your book-loving child, spouse, or friend will love receiving something from her shop with their favorite character!

Literary Tea Boxes

I sent this Anne of Green Gables tea-themed box to a friend for her birthday from the Etsy shop, BeauTea Studio, and it would also make a lovely holiday gift. You can choose from several different literary themes – Jane Austen, Narnia, Alice in Wonderland, etc. Perfect for the reader in your life!

Signed copies of favorite books

Check out the websites or social media posts of your gift recipient’s favorite authors to see if they’re selling signed copies, mailing personalized bookplates, or providing signed copies at bookstores for order. Barnes and Noble also has signed copies of popular books for sale online (I’ve got a signed copy of the new book in the Outlander series on my wish list!). There’s nothing better than getting a personalized copy of your favorite author’s latest work! 


Of course, my favorite gift to give anyone is a new book! Check out my Bookshop.org shop for all of my recommendations over the years for kids, teens, and adults. Pick a book from a trip destination or a museum you’re visiting to make it even more special! (Affiliate link)

Comment below with your favorite gift for a history enthusiast. Happy history shopping!

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