Thank you for visiting The History Mom.  This site is designed to help you and your family plan a wonderful and educational vacation. The goal of this site is to review historical sites and museums and provide helpful hints and suggestions for ways to bring history to life for your child.  It is not meant to be a comprehensive travel guide, which is why not all of the tourist sites for each location will be covered. However, where possible, I have included suggestions for hotels, restaurants, and other sites to see.

All of the places that I write about, I have personally visited.  I have tried to be as accurate as possible in describing the sites but know that things may have changed since my visit.  I have included web sites for the individual museums as much as possible so please verify all information with them before traveling.  Most of the posts have extensive external links but if I have reviewed a site mentioned, I link to that blog post.  

New site reviews are posted every Wednesday, and I also list age-appropriate books to help prepare or extend the traveling experience for your child.  I have not read each and every book but I have read and enjoyed many of them.  I know your child will too!

If you have a suggestion of a place you would like for me to review, please email me here!  

Enjoy planning your next trip!