Clonmacnoise (Ireland)

At the start of a new year, we often like to read about inspiring places.  One of the most inspirational and peaceful historical sites that I have visited is Clonmacnoise, an early Christian site in Ireland dating back to the 6th century.  I first visited the site as a college student on a study abroad program and I remembered its beautiful crosses and mystical feeling. While planning our family trip to Ireland in 2019, I wanted to revisit Clonmacnoise but wasn’t sure if it would be kid-friendly.  I was happily surprised that my children enjoyed our visit to the site and were fascinated by its storied history. Read my new review today and learn why this site is a must-see during any trip to Ireland.

Ancient Rome: Colosseum, The Forum, and Palatine Hill (Rome)

Colosseum info Palatine Hill/Forum info   Seeing the sites of Ancient Rome is one of the must-do items for any trip to Italy.  You and your children can walk on the actual stones where Julius Caesar walked or through the gate at the Colosseum where gladiators ran into life-or-death battles.  It is truly an amazing … Continue reading Ancient Rome: Colosseum, The Forum, and Palatine Hill (Rome)

Pompeii (Italy) The city of Pompeii, buried by the eruption of Mt. Vesuvius in 79AD, is a fascinating place to take your kids.  Not only is it historically significant, the personal stories of the event are so fantastical and amazing that even the smallest child is intrigued.   Pompeii is an easy day trip from Rome … Continue reading Pompeii (Italy)