American Civil War Museum (Richmond) In May, the new American Civil War Museum opened in Richmond, VA.  This museum is the culmination of two Richmond Civil War institutions, the American Civil War Center and the Museum of the Confederacy, combining forces and creating a unique museum.  Built in the ruins of the Tredegar Iron Works, where much of the … Continue reading American Civil War Museum (Richmond)

Historic St. John’s Church (Richmond) “Give me liberty or give me death!”   Those words are etched into our minds from 4th grade social studies but did you know that you can actually hear those words while sitting in the very spot where this powerful speech happened in 1775?  If you are visiting Richmond during the summer, the reenactment … Continue reading Historic St. John’s Church (Richmond)

Virginia Museum of History and Culture (Richmond) Note that as of late 2021, the museum is open but is undergoing a large addition/renovation. I will update the review as soon as this expansion is completed. Know that some of the information below may not be accurate with the current changes. As a resident of central Virginia, on the third Wednesday of the month, … Continue reading Virginia Museum of History and Culture (Richmond)