Lincoln’s Cottage (Washington, DC)

Even though I lived in Washington, DC for years, I was unfamiliar with President Lincoln’s Cottage at the Soldiers’ Retirement Home.  Once I heard about this cottage and its importance in history, I knew I had to make a visit!  It makes a great addition to any trip to Washington, DC and is a good place to get away from the crowded museums around the National Mall.  Plus you can check off another Presidential site after visiting! Read my new review today about this hidden historical gem.

National Archives Museum (Washington, DC)

One of the most important places to visit on any trip to Washington, DC is the National Archives Museum.  Nothing compares to seeing the actual Declaration of Independence, U.S. Constitution, and the Bill of Rights up close.  It is amazing to think of the men who signed these very documents and the revolution that they were starting and the government that they were creating.  They had no idea how it would turn out, and I think they would be impressed that over 200 years later, these documents are still revered and venerated. Read my new review on why you should take your kids to this important museum while visiting Washington, DC.

Ford’s Theatre (Washington, DC) Visiting Washington, DC for a family trip this summer?  While the museums on the National Mall get the most attention, don’t overlook an important site in American history.  Ford’s Theatre, where President Abraham Lincoln was shot, is a must-see museum and historical site! One pro tip - buy your tickets for Ford’s Theatre well … Continue reading Ford’s Theatre (Washington, DC)

Washington, DC

Washington, DC is a great place for historical sight-seeing.  So many historical events have taken place there or are commemorated there.  From monuments to museums to historical homes, Washington, DC has something for everyone in the family. General tips on a Washington, DC trip with kids: Transportation: DC is quite large and most of the … Continue reading Washington, DC