Charleston, SC Museums

If you are planning a summer beach trip to the South Carolina beaches, Charleston, SC is a wonderful addition to your itinerary.  There are so many historical sites to see there, including two child-friendly museums, the Old Exchange and Provost Dungeon and the Charleston Museum. Old Exchange and Provost Dungeon Any visitor to Charleston … Continue reading Charleston, SC Museums

Historic St. John’s Church (Richmond) “Give me liberty or give me death!”   Those words are etched into our minds from 4th grade social studies but did you know that you can actually hear those words while sitting in the very spot where this powerful speech happened in 1775?  If you are visiting Richmond during the summer, the reenactment … Continue reading Historic St. John’s Church (Richmond)

Valley Forge National Historical Park (Philadelphia) Today I am wrapping up my review of Philadelphia-area historical sites with Valley Forge, the site of the Continental Army’s winter camp. Located only 45 minutes northwest of Philadelphia, Valley Forge is an easy side trip from the city.  During the fall, it is worth the trip to Valley Forge just to see the … Continue reading Valley Forge National Historical Park (Philadelphia)

Museum of the American Revolution (Philadelphia) While in Philadelphia, you cannot miss the Museum of the American Revolution.  It is located just blocks away from the Independence National Historical Park area and is a must-see for children and adults. Tickets are date and time specific so I recommend purchasing tickets ahead of time for the museum.  This is especially needed … Continue reading Museum of the American Revolution (Philadelphia)


Virginia is the birthplace of our nation.  From the first permanent English settlement in Jamestown to the home of many of our Founding Fathers, including George Washington and Thomas Jefferson, Virginia really is for history lovers. As a Virginia resident for 20 years, I can attest to the many historical sites, houses, and attractions that … Continue reading Virginia

Virginia Museum of History and Culture (Richmond) Note that as of late 2021, the museum is open but is undergoing a large addition/renovation. I will update the review as soon as this expansion is completed. Know that some of the information below may not be accurate with the current changes. As a resident of central Virginia, on the third Wednesday of the month, … Continue reading Virginia Museum of History and Culture (Richmond)

Independence National Historical Park (Philadelphia)

Independence National Historical Park Every American should plan a visit to Philadelphia to see where the foundation of our country was formed.  Something about walking into the same space where the debates and arguments about what this new country of the United States of America could be is so inspiring.  You can still sense … Continue reading Independence National Historical Park (Philadelphia)


Philadelphia is a dream for history lovers.  This is the birthplace of America and around every corner in the historical section, you come across a building or location of historical significance.  No wonder this area is called the “most historic square mile in America.” General tips on a Philadelphia trip with kids: There is a … Continue reading Philadelphia