North Carolina Museum of History (Raleigh)

Winter is the perfect time to visit a state’s history museum for some educational and indoor fun! Most of these museums are located in the state’s capital and are low-cost or even free. In today's review, I encourage you to visit the North Carolina Museum of History, a good addition to any trip to the state capital of Raleigh. Read my new review today!

Pearl Harbor (Hawaii) While visiting Oahu, a visit to the important Pearl Harbor National Memorial is a must do.  Everyone should visit this site at least once to see where so many lost their lives for freedom.  Much like a visit to Normandy, this site is inspiring and heart-breaking at the same time.  Unlike Normandy, however, these … Continue reading Pearl Harbor (Hawaii)

Virginia Museum of History and Culture (Richmond) As a resident of central Virginia, on the third Wednesday of the month, I will be posting historical sites to see in this region, which is rich in history and contains everything from the earliest American history at Jamestown to Civil War battlefields.  To begin this series, I have to start with the Richmond-based … Continue reading Virginia Museum of History and Culture (Richmond)

Musée de l’Armée Invalides (Paris) This museum is a huge repository of all things military.  The galleries of most interest to children are the World War I and World War II galleries so after gaining entry, go up the staircase just across from the gift shop to go directly to these rooms.   The museum does a good job … Continue reading Musée de l’Armée Invalides (Paris)